Thursday, October 29, 2015

Star Ace Toys Harry Potter SEVERUS SNAPE

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Harry Potter Severus Snape Harry Potter Sixth Scale Figure

Severus Snape will be joining Star Ace Toys' line of sixth-scale figures from the Harry Potter movies, and among the included accessories will be test tubes, a small cauldron, the "Libatius Borage's Advanced Potion Making" book and of course his wand.
"I can teach you how to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses. I can tell you how to bottle fame, brew glory, and even put a stopper in death."
One of the most complex characters in the Harry Potter universe is the potions master and aspiring Dark Arts professor, Severus Snape.

This 1:6th scale collectible action figure of Professor Snape from "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" features a hand painted, highly detailed head sculpt with authentic expression. Snape is wearing his black

Professor's robes and traditional dark coat and pants. He's prepared to create all sorts of potions with his cauldron, cauldron stand, boiler, test tubes, potion bottle and mixing rod. A clear plastic stand, Snape's distinctive wand and the book, "Libatius Borage's Advanced Potion Making" are also included.
The 1/6th Scale Severus Snape Collectible figure features:

-1:6th scale body, approximately 30 cm tall with over 30 points of articulation
- Fully realized authentic likeness of Severus Snape in the Movie "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" with accurate facial expression and detailed skin texture
-Each head sculpt is specially hand-painted
    Four (4) interchangeable hands including:
    - One (1) pair of open hands
    - One (1) right hand for holding wand
    - One (1) right hand for holding book / test tubes / bottle
    - One (1) white shirt
    - One (1) Dark purple coat
    - One (1) pair of black trousers
    - One (1) Professor's robes with long sleeves and a long train
    - One (1) pair of black shoes

    - One (1) Severus Snape's Wand
    - Three (3) Test tubes
    - One (1) Test tube rack
    - One (1) Polyjuice potion bottle
    - One (1) Candle
    - One (1) Small cauldron
    - One (1) Cauldron stand
    - One (1) Boiler
    - One (1) stirring stick
    - One (1) "Libatius Borage's Advanced Potion

Making" book
    - One (1) magical flash effect
    One (1) clear plastic stand with waist clip.

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Harry Potter Severus Snape Harry Potter Sixth Scale Figure