Sunday, November 9, 2014

VeryCool VIPER (Leather Suit / Leather Coat)


Checklist Leather Suit:
-Female Rooted Hair Head Sculpt
-One-piece Stylish Leather Suit
-Pair of Sleeve Cover
-Pair of High-heeled Shoes

Note: Body is not included.
Leather suit is made of elastic fabric, aging resistance, and suitable for all kinds of 1/6 female body.

Checklist Leather Coat:
-Female Rooted Hair Head Sculpt x 1
-Leather Wind Coat x 1
-Leather Pants x1
-Vest x1
-Pair of Boots (no foot inside) x 1
-Gloved Hand x 3

Note: Body is not included.
Pattern of the suit set is referenced to VERYCOOL’s female large bust body.