Saturday, August 13, 2011

Enterbay Bruce Lee Game Of Death 3rd Edition (G.O.D. Behind the Scene Edition)

Bruce Lee Game Of Death 3rd Edition: G.O.D. Behind the Scene Edition

Special Features:

- Wax configuration features two incredible likeness Bruce Lee head sculptures: Damage Edition with “EVision “eyeball system and Smile Edition head sculpt.

- Two sets of The Game Of Death costume: One is normal edition and the other one is Damage Edition with a foot print on it. Both costumes are made with real fabrication, and the overall product is more authentic

- Newly developed BL Original Action Body: Rubber coating action body with contractible biceps

- A wooden background stage

- A studio light (USB led light)

- A vintage 70th century hand-held movie camera

- A camera case

- A wooden Director Chair

- A movie clapperboard

- A vintage studio used loud speaker

- The classic Bamboo stick from The Game of Death

- A pair of yellow The Game of Death Nunchaks

- A Nunchaks holder

- 11 pieces of interchangeable hands

- A pair of socks

- A pair of Game of Death yellow sneakers

- Deluxe package

- Worldwide Limited Edition of 5000 sets, each set would have their very own serial number on each package