Monday, June 23, 2014

Original Effect SOPHIA

Item List

Teen body
Sophia’s head
Movable eyeballs * 1 Pair
Hands * 6 Pair (with gloves*5;normal*1)
Pink glasses
Bow knot underwear
Short shirt
Bow tie
Suspender skirt
High-heeled leather shoes
Kneecaps * 1 Pair
Tactical vest
Shoe covers * 1 Pair
Customized mauser pistol(with holster)
Sword * 1 Pair (with scabbard)

With brand-new TEEN body! 27cm in height and greater mobility
Omni-directional movable eyeballs! Take-off available glasses
Customized mauser pistol
Multifunction tactical vest, which canswitch dressing type of swords according to the tactical transformation