Friday, October 25, 2013

Original Kitbash - Ada Wong with Phicen Seamless Body (Li BingBing)

Kitbash consist of the following parts:
- Phicen Seamless Body Ver 4.0 with Head sculpt likeness of Li BingBing
- Hot Toys Ada Wong Red Qipao Dress with patterns
- Triad Toys Black High Heels on modified heeled feet
- Custom-made Fishnet Stockings
- Custom-made Scarf and wrist-wrap
Art Figures Avenger Thigh Holster
- Hot Toys Glock Pistol with Flashlight
- Hot Toys Wristwatch

Other weapons featured:
- Art Figures Avenger Modified 1911 Pistol
- Hot Toys Alice MP5 Sub-machine guns
- Hot Toys Alice Saw-off Shotguns
- Hot Toys Terminator M1887 Lever-action Shotgun
- Hot Toys Baby Doll Mp7
- Hot Toys Benelli Shotgun, AKM & M4 Carbine