Saturday, January 7, 2012

Triad Toys Legends Abbot Fuyu

One of the most well-known abbots of the Shaolin Temple, Xueting Fuyu (or better known as Abbot Fuyu) is one of the fathers of Shaolin martial arts. At the beginning of the Song dynasty, Abbot Fuyu invited the greatest martial arts masters of China to the temple to discuss, practice and refine their techniques and often sharing and improvising one another’s styles. He held these tournaments three times a year for a period of three years and finally united all the fighting styles under one unified Shaolin technique. When many of the martial masters returned home, their fighting styles shared Shaolin influences and made martial arts what it is today. Furthermore, Abbot Fuyu wrote a 70-character poem that serves as the basis for Shaolin lineage even to this day as new monks take on names from each character of his poems for each passing generation. Abbot Fuyu’s contribution to the Shaolin Temple, his vision on martial arts, and lineage of the Shaolin Temple is another legendary feat few are aware of.

- Omega 12 Inch Figure body with over 35 points of articulation
- Abbot's Outer Cloak
- Abbots's Inner Shirt
- Abbot's Trousers
- Pair of Cloth Socks
- Pair of Detailed Abbot's Sandals
- Pair of Weapon Holding Hands
- Pair of Fisted Pose Hands
- Pair of Palm Pose Hands
- Pair of Power Pose Hands
- ATAC Abbot's Staff (includes a total of 13 parts): Weapon is completely modular and can convert to any configuration, including the long bo, short bo, Shaolin cane, single-handed spade, single-handed crescent blade, long dual headed monk's spade and crescent, tri-pole nunchaku, and nunchaku. Weapon can be utilized with other Triad ATAC weapons.