Monday, June 19, 2017


Command your own starship with the Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) 1:6 Scale Captain’s Chair from QMx.
Captain Kirk and other designated officers would direct ship operations from this seat of power on the original Enterprise during its five-year mission across the final frontier of space. Developed with QMx’s Star Trek 1:6th scale collectible figures in mind, this replica of the most famous chair in TV history is authentically styled after the original set prop.
Our 1:6 Scale Captain’s Chair FX Replica features:
  •         Four different light and sound display settings. 
  •         Press the button disguised as a computer disk and the chair cycles through the lights and sounds for standard bridge operations, ship-wide announcement, viewscreen scanning and red alert.
  •         Swivel base just like the full-size prop.
  •         Power setup using either three AA batteries (not included) or a USB plug (cord not included).
Display this classic TV icon either with the QMx 1:6th scale James T. Kirk collectible figure or on its own. It’s an instantly recognizable collectible that will be the perfect desk display for any discerning Trek fan.