Thursday, January 18, 2018

ThreeZero Game of Thrones ARYA STARK


The Arya Stark figure stands at approximately 10" (~25.5cm) tall, featuring an authentic likeness to the character as portrayed in HBO’s critically acclaimed ‘Game of Thrones’ television series drama and hand-knitted tunic pattern replicating the award-winning costuming of HBO’s team. All accessory details are listed below.

1/6th scale Game of Thrones Arya Stark collectible details:
* 10 inches (~25.5cm) tall articulated figure featuring tailored clothing with
fine detailed textures.
* Tunic with hand-knitted pattern
* Shirt
* Trousers
* Belt with buckle
* Boots

* Needle
* Knife
* Waterskin
* Coin pouch with coins
* Braavosi Coin

Exchangeable hands:
* 1 pair relaxed
* 1 pair fists
* Left hand for gripping Needle and knife
* Special pose of left hand for gripping Needle