Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Tomorrow, we’re excited to continue our 1/6 Scale TMNT Figures with Donatello, the genius inventor of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Based on the original Eastman and Laird comic book, Donatello features 25+ points of articulation, interchangeable heads & hands, with weapons & accessories taken right from the pages of the comic book!
If you’re looking to collect all four turtles, you can still Pre-Order Leonardo here! The series will continue of the next couple of months – stay tuned!

    Accessories Include:
    – Classic Comic Red Mask Head
    – Cartoon Purple Mask Head
    – Bo Staff
    – 1 set of C-Grip Hands
    – 1 set of Climbing Claw Hands
    – Unique “Vertical Thumb of Affirmation” Hand
    – 2 Four-Point Shuriken
    – 2 Eight-Point Shuriken
    – Grappling Hook and Cord
    – Utrom Blaster
    – Belt with Bo Holster
    – Utrom Commander
    – Pre-Mutation Baby Donatello