Friday, October 24, 2014

VeryCool Ultra Female Killer VIOLET


Violet, a beautiful hemophage infected with a virus that gives her superhuman powers has to protect a boy in a futuristic world, who is thought to be carrying antigens that would destroy all hemophages.

Product Code:
VCF – 2024 A (Clothing in Black)
VCF – 2024 B (Clothing in Red)
VCF – 2024 C (Clothing in White)

-Female Rooted Hair Head Sculpt x 1
-VERYCOOL V2.0 Mid-Bust Female Body x 1
-Leather Jacket x 1
-Leather Pants X 1
-Vest x 1
-Leather Belt x 1
-Pair of Boots x 1
-Sword with Engraved Codes x 1
-Sci-Fi Sub-machine Gun/Sword Combo Weapon X 2
-Pair of Glasses x 1
-Pair of Hook-Gun Hand Set X 1
-Pair of Grip Hand Set x 1
-Pair of Hold-Sword Hand Set x 1
-Glove Hand Set x 3