Saturday, August 13, 2011

Triad Toys Ternion Wars Rin Matsuda

Behind every war is an untold saga. . .

With Kuroikage missing in action, the clans needed a new warrior to fill the void as the new Guardian and protector. Each division is able to nominate and vote for one of its warriors to appear before the Council for a series of tests to prepare for the Guardianship. Nominated by the Shirow Sword School, Rin’s compassion and seniority makes her a likely candidate to succeed Kuroi as the new Guardian of the Eastern Division. But trouble brews as the Western Division’s nominee is none other Amaya Matsuda, her elder sister. Rin must prove her loyalty to the Clan and face her sister or risk being casted and hunted . . .

Rin D|X Figure Upgrade Kit includes the following items:
- 1 Headsculpt
- 1 Pair Tabi Feet
- 1 Sword
- 1 Sword Scabbard
- 1 Shoulder Armor
- 1 Wrist Gauntlet
- 1 Pair Leg Wraps
- 1 Inner Bodysuit
- 1 Outer Kimono
- 1 Belt Pad
- 1 Belt