Thursday, July 6, 2017

1:6 Ninja Factory Ninja ASUKA

Belongs to: Iga fraction

Identity: Kunoichi (grade: Chuunin, actual combat field commander, excellent Ninjutsu)

As the leader of Iga fraction, Momochi Tanba elder disciple, the female Ninja Asuka currently hold the title of Chuunin in the organization, is the commander who leads lesser Ninja perform combat missions on the front line. This time, she executed a secret mission outside the gate of the Xingfu Temple mountain.

Barrel Kote:
Kote in Japan refers to the arm armor. Material is pure copper, coupled with pure copper ring, hand manual connected. After spraying paint, the visual effect is close to the real kote. More than 1000 metal rings handmade strung, fifty-eight metal plates, each piece needs to beat the stereotypes, we believe that our sincerity will move everyone!

Ninja katana, usually use straight blade katana, and the katana of Asuka was sent by her master Momochi Tanba, therefore she carries it with one. The name of this katana is Long Cry text, was made by a famous artisan, it is very beautiful.

Are you get tired of the 1:6 plastic katana and die-casting rough lead zinc alloy katana on the market? The katana developed by Care TOYS refers to 1:1 Japanese katana from material and shape, the blade adopts stainless steel blade by hand grinding and polishing, Dao tan is made by pure copper, the decorative dragon head (handle) is made of metal. In addition, there will also have a traditional handle can be replaced when sales. Menuki, Seppa, arrowheads are available in all varieties, is a very exquisite Katana currently produced by1:6 Ninja factory.

also called “pomegranate carving”, is the flack dagger of Asuka, also made according to the real dagger. The blade adopts stainless steel blade by manual polishing, fittings using copper production, is a very dainty dagger currently produced by Ninja factory.
Blade adapter:
made of solid wood.

recording the anonymous Ninjutsu martial secrets of Iga fraction.

Prajna (banshee) ghost mask, a prop used to intimidate an enemy and conceal one's identity

Hook rope:
a copper claw used to climb high places or carry goods.

can be used as a dagger, also can be a fly-cutter, equipped with two.

Hand sword:
Like darts, can be shot in ten yards, equipped with three.

It is one of the unique special weapons of ancient Japanese Wushu, with both long and short functions and attack range, can be both soft and hard weapon.

Bow and arrow suit:
a long-range weapons with blade. A bow, three arrow, a quiver. Different from Japanese iconic longbow, ninja needs special Ninja short bow when in the jungle for easy carrying, to shot the enemy, shot the hook for climbing, or fire arrows and so on.

Ninja clothes:
inner siamese mesh clothing, jacket, trousers, corset, arm guard, leg guard, scarf, foot bag (shoes) is the whole set of nocturnal suit worn by ninjas when they perform tasks.

Scene platform:
Stone Lamp &stone steps &Ksitigarbha scene outside of the Xingfu Temple mountain gate in late autumn(With a dried flower bag, you can refer to the map to arrange their places ) Stone lights can be turned on, stone lights and stone statues can be removed, (the platform sell separately) suitable for any Japanese style humanoid.