Friday, February 24, 2017

ThreeZero The Great Wall PERO TOVAR

Pero Tovar collectible figure stands approximately 12.2" (31cm) tall and features highly-accurate realistic likeness to the character’s appearance in "The Great Wall" movie. Collectible comes with tailored clothing and highly detailed armor outfit and weapons. Figure comes with Sword with Scabbard, Scimitar with Scabbard, Dagger and Three Pairs of Exchangeable Hands.

Highly detailed figure featuring life-like realism that is authentically crafted with the likeness of Pedro Pascal as Pero Tovar in "The Great Wall" movie; 12.2" (~31cm) tall, articulated figure with tailored clothing, utilizing finely detailed textures and weathering of his armor outfit;

Collectible figure features the following elements of clothing and accessories:
  • Outer Armor;
  • Lamellar Armor;
  • Cross-chest belt with weapons sheathes;
  • Vambrace;
  • Inner clothes;
  • Waist belt;
  • Pants;
  • Greaves;
  • Boots.
  • Variety of weapons include:
  • Sword with scabbard;
  • Scimitar with scabbard;
  • Dagger.

Collectible figure comes with Exchangeable Hands:
  • One pair of fists;
  • One pair of relaxed;
  • One pair for gripping.
*Final product may vary from prototype images.