Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Big Chief Studios Sherlock 221B EXTERIOR ENTRANCE

With a movable door knocker, opening letterbox, realistic metal railings and an internal lamp that light’s up behind the window, the diorama is the perfect set piece to display your Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson 1:6 scale collector figures.

The exclusive Signature Edition of the 221B Entrance Diorama Environment is signed by Una Stubbs a.k.a. Mrs. Hudson, Sherlock’s landlady, not housekeeper. Available in a strictly limited edition of only 250 pieces, each diorama comes with a hand-signed autograph plaque, display stand and a certificate of authenticity.

  •     Accurate scaled replica of the front door entrance of 221B Baker Street
  •     Sturdy Polystone Construction
  •     Moveable Door Knocker
  •     Opening Letterbox
  •     Realistic Metal Railings
  •     Light-up Lamp Behind Window
  •     Stands over 21 inches in height
  •     1 x Autograph Plaque hand-signed by Una Stubbs (Mrs. Hudson) *
  •     1 x Autograph Plaque Stand *

  •     Exclusive Incentive: Sherlock Holmes Alternate Portrait Head with Deerstalker Hat