Sunday, December 11, 2016

DAM Toys Warcraft GUL’DAN Statue



Gul’dan opened the dark portal to Azeroth, the war with Alliance is about to begin. He walks down slowly from the red cliffs. His eyes full of the green evil Fel. The coming fate of Orcs is holding in his hand.

The fabric and material of outfit we used are real materials. After carefully choose the fabric for the outfit, and decided use a premium romney wool fabrics to represent the color and quality in the film. For the binding ropes & straps, we chose the real leather strap and hemp rope. We use the breathing lights in the headsulpture to show the light effect of Fel; And for his beard, we experiment the most complex planting hair process to achieve the closest effect to the film. The skin texture of whole body is highly realistic detailed, restore the closest effect from both vision and touch.

We have confident to bring the premium quality products for all the collectors!

    Warcraft – Gul’dan
    Product No: DMLW01
    Product type: Epic Series, Premium statue
    Statue: 31”H(790mm) x 28”W(700mm) x 21”L(540mm)
    Box size: TBD
    Product weight: 30 lbs (14kg)
    Expected to Ship: 3rd Quarter 2017
    Price: 1400 USD
    UPC: 6970569620008

    1. Costume: Real fur & fabrics
    2. Body: Polystone
    3. Diorama base: Polystone
    4. Light: Breathing Light