Saturday, November 19, 2016




Official License Nickelodeon product made by DreamEX. 1/6 scale Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figure, Leonardo. Highly detail figure with excellent articulation, realistic accessory, and clothing brings out your favor cartoon hero to your collector shelf. A must have collector figure for all faithful Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans.

Product: 1/6TH Ninja Turtles- Leonardo
Brand: DreamEX
Size: 10.5”(270mm) height
Material: ABS, POM, Die-caet, PVC
Package size: H(355mm) X W(210mm) X D(120mm)
Carton size:H(360mm) X W(355mm) X D(420mm)(6 pcs/ctn)
Weight: 8 kg

Two different expressions (Normal and Angry)
Ninja Turtles Realistic Body muscle build
Eight different interchangeable hands
Action Stand

Clothing: Wearable Accessory
– Bandana
– Duel Shoulder Strap
– Belt
– Wrist Guard
– Small Leather Pouch X2
– Big Pouch
– Dagger Pouch
– Bandage

Accessories: Weapons
– Samurai Swords X2
– Protective Elbow Guard X2
– Kneed Pad X2
– L Letter Belt Buckle
– Grappling Hook
– Videophone Communicator
– Ninja Dart X3
– Ninja Star X3
– 2 Pizza slices