Friday, July 10, 2015


2015 marks the 70th anniversary of victory of world’s anti-fascist war and the end of WWII. To commemorate this great victory of the war in human history, VERYCOOL team is delighted to present this “1/6 Soviet Female Sniper" collectible figure set. We hope you will like it, enjoy!!!

Product Checklist:

-Rooted Hair Female Head Sculpt x 1
-Mid Bust female body x 1
-Interchangeable Hand (Pair) x 4
-Garrison Cap x 1
-Scarf x 1
-Uniform Jacket x 1
-Uniform Pants x 1
-Lapel Jacket x 1
-Military Cloak x 1
-Woven Finger-Opened Glove (Pair) x 1
-Genuine Leather Belt x 1
-Double Belt Clip x 1
-Leather Boots (Pair) x 1
-Sniper Rifle (Wooden Hand & Alloy, 5 bullets incl.) x 1
-Gun Winding Cloth x 1
-Canteen x 1
-Canteen Pouch x 1