Thursday, June 4, 2015

Dark Crown Dark Blood HELL SAINTS

DarkCrown’s first heavy weight release of 1/6 scale collectible Figure–Hell’s Saint is originated from the original DARKBLOOD’s first series of 1/6 scale collectible figures. To defeat evil, we transformed into fear and drive away the darkness with darkness.

Hell’s Saint– Product Specifications:
-1/6 scale Exquisite Saint’s Head (Eyes Equipped with Green LED Kit)
-33cm Higher ferrite movable joints Chest includes Special Bone Components
-6 Different Types of Replaceable Hand Gestures
Normal Gesture*2
Pointing Gesture
Soul Sucking Gesture
Holding Weapon Gesture
Holding Mace Gesture

- Clothing:
Dark Brown Hell Coat
Black Vest
Black Leotard
Black Belt with Hell Bat Metal Buckle
Black Aging Leather Pant
Dark Brown Boots
Hell Harvest Attack Form- Metal(15cm)
Hell Harvest Dormant Mode(17.3cm)

Hell Totem Hat
Hell Rune Neck Belt
Soul Guard Pauldrons
Harvest Pauldrons
Dark crow (Can Put To Stand on Arm or Platform

Luxury Grand Platform with Broken Seal (Area: 11cm (H)*17.5cm*23cm, with LED Light Emission Kit and Remote Control)
Special Bonus Gift: “DARK BLOOD” Story Book
50 pages of rich content that bring you to the underworld to explore the truth in the hidden darkness!

Product Code: DB-001
Sample Only. Final Product Might Be Slight different.Product Details May Adjust For Optimization, Without Prior Notice.
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