Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Created by Gloria and Forest Fickling under the pseudonym "G.G. Fickling", Honey West first appeared in the 1957 book This Girl for Hire. Honey West would appear eleven more times in mystery novels. In 1965, she was portrayed for 30 episodes on a hit television show.

Honey West is considered one of the first female private detective in popular fiction. With her pet ocelot, black-belt in judo, and "Bond" like gadgets, Honey West was a fan favorite at the height of the 1960s spy era. In recent years, Honey West has returned in the pages of a Moonstone Comics series. Executive Replicas, Phicen Ltd., and Moonstone Comics are proud to release this legendary character.

New Phicen Articulated Body
Realistic Portrait

  • Ocelot w/ Leash
  • .38 Special
  • .45 Automatic
  • 2 sets of hands
  • Tailored outfit
  • Belt w/ Buckle
  • Boots
  • Figure Stand
  • Packaging