Saturday, March 1, 2014

Original Kitbash 1/6 WEAPONS ROOM


To display a small collection of 1/6 weapons in a more organized way and creating a diorama at the same time, I created a Weapons Room within a shelf in my cabinet. Below are some details:

Weapons (various brands, mostly Hot Toys, Kotobukiya and some diecast):
  • 4x Shotguns including AA12, M1887, Benneli
  • 1x Machine gun
  • 1x Missile Launcher
  • 3x H&K Assault Rifles including UMP & G36
  • 2x M4 variant
  • 3x Sniper Rifles including PSG, Barrett & DSR
  • 2x AK47
  • 3x Bullpup Assault Rifles
  • 5x SMG including MP7 & MP5
  • 9x pistols including Beretta, M1911

Custom Builds:
  • Plastic Stool (made from plastic cap and acrylic legs)
  • Metal Work Desk (made from an Ikea kitchen tray) mounted on mini camera tripod stands

Accessories from hobby and discount shops:
  • Safe (originally plastic safe shaped coin box)
  • 2x Rack of Soda Bottles (originally fridge magnets)
  • 8x Weapons rack (originally Metal Mesh tray for storing stationery)
  • 2x Working Overhead Lights (originally AAA battery operated LED lights)
  • 6x Small Bins (originally pill boxes)
  • 4x Weapon Storage Boxes (originally mini boxes)
  • 1x Philips head Screwdriver (originally mini screwdriver for glasses)

Original 1/6 scale accessories:
  • 4x Kotobukiya Weapons rack (assembled together and sprayed in silver)
  • Phicen Selena Laptop
  • Hot Toys SWAT Gas Mask
  • 4D Model Long Weapon case 
  • Various grenades, smoke grenades, smoke bombs and ammo
  • Various boots and shoes