Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 ROSE HILL TONY STARK (MILK version)

Hot Toys appears to be going back to the Iron Man 3/Tony Stark well one more time with this upcoming MILK exclusive 1/6th scale Hot Toys Rose Hill Tony Stark Movie Masterpiece Series figure which will be released overseas sometime in 2014. The figure depicts Tony Stark as he appeared in the scene in the Iron Man 3 movie where he infiltrated the small town bar to find out more information about the first reported Extremis explosion and ends up taking on two Extremis agents without his Iron Man armor.

The figure sports Tony in his small town garb which includes both a cap and cowboy hat, plaid shirt vest and jeans, Dora The Explorer Limited-Edition watch, 2 electric cables, replusor blaster, extra pair of hands and figure stand. No word on if or when this figure will be released in the United States.