Saturday, July 6, 2013

Original Effect Endless (New Reborn Body)

Armyattractive Vol.4 Endless equipped with OE newly designed Reborn ferrite, Reborn limbs all changes ferrite spherical joints. In the new ferritic's torso rejoined the movable bit, make dolls more vivid. Enhance the player's maneuverability and adjustable degrees.

And the new joint design more convenient with plug, replace the image of our future lay the foundation for arms or legs, but once the ferrite joint damage, easier replacement and aftermarket.

The new body chest is also enhanced, soft chest closer to the truth. All aspects of the quality has been greatly improved! Majority of players want to continue their valuable suggestions to us, we will continue to strive to improve.

Jun Yan Zhong Kui Vol.4 Booking information:
Product list:
Feather Hairpin * 1
Feather dress * 1
Angora shawl * 1
Pantyhose * 1
Silk fan * 1
Fan Stand * 1
Hand Strap * 1
Zhong Yan ferrite with Reborn`s body * 1
ArmyAttractive Comic Vol.4 * 1
Manual * 1