Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 SILVER CENTURION Armor (Mark XXXIII)

The 15th ACGHK is just one day away! For fans in Hong Kong, the special edition of the following collectible figurine is only available for pre-order during the event! The Silver Centurion is a classic suit worn by Tony Stark in the Iron Man comics and has been a fan favorite since its debut. Marvel’s Iron Man 3 has brought back this popular armor and restyled it to join the rest of the Iron Legion. 

During the intense battle between Tony Stark and Aldrich Killian, Tony quickly suits up in the Silver Centurion and cut of the Extremis mastermind’s arm with the suit’s hidden blade. Hot Toys is delighted to introduce this amazingly designed armor – the 1/6th scale Silver Centurion (Mark XXIII) Collectible Figurine, the Enhanced Energy Suit to its Movie Masterpiece Series. 

It is specially crafted based on the image of Robert Downey Jr. as Silver Centurion in the movie, highlighting the detailed head sculpt, red and silver-colored armor, interchangeable battle damaged chest armor, forearm blades, and LED light-up functions. 

Pre-order at Ani-Com: 

Retail price: HK$1,580 (one (1) 1/6th scale Battle Damaged Mark XLII helmet is included as bonus accessory)

To purchase or pre-order, click:
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