Friday, April 5, 2013

Original Kitbash - Se7en Detective David Mills

A simple kitbash to create Detective Mills (post-injury). Consist of the following parts:
  • Brad Pitt head sculpt from Custom Studio PMC (Anti Tank Unit)  
  • Majority of parts from Subway 24 Hours Betrayer boxset including:
    • 1/6 Body
    • Hands, left one wrapped in bandages
    • Black Jacket
    • Black Pants & Belt
    • Paddle Holster (in the movie he uses a shoulder holster instead)
    • Boots
  • Generic White Shirt and Tie
  • M1911 Pistol from Hot Toys Captain America (in the movie he uses a custom M1911-A1 with white grips)
  • Body Armor from Hot Toys SWAT 3.0
  • Generic Flashlight
  • Neck post from old BBI figure with screws
  • Custom bandages made using white cloth material