Saturday, February 23, 2013

Big Chief BBC 10th Doctor (David Tennant)

1 x Tenth Doctor Head Portrait featuring an Authentic Likeness of David Tennant
1 x Trench Coat
1 x Brown Pin-striped Suit Jacket
1 x Pair of Brown Pin-striped Suit Trousers
1 x Pale Blue Shirt
1 x Patterned Neck Tie
1 x Pair of Training Shoes (Sneakers)
1 x Pair of Socks Tubes (Partial)
8 x Interchangeable Hands
1 x Display Base with Illuminating Gallifreyan Symbol & Stand


1 x Sonic Screwdriver (Closed) *
1 x Sonic Screwdriver (Extended) *
1 x Wallet with Psychic Paper
1 x Pair of Spectacles
1 x Pair of 3D Glasses
1 x Water Pistol
1 x Time Lord’s Fob Watch (Closed)
1 x Time Lord’s Fob Watch (Open)
1 x TARDIS Control Room Printed Card Backdrop

NOTE: * Accessories do not have light-up features