Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Meet the talented Sculptors from Hot Toys’ secret base in Korea

Howard & Korean artists at our Korea office

Photos, Quote and Captions originally from Hot Toys:
"It is our first time to unveil our Hot Toys’ secret base in Korea, where over a hundred of our real-like head sculpts are born with soul and handcrafted by our talented Korean artists!

Check out these photos of our team of Korean artists... sculpting each of their amazing masterpieces on hands! Discover more about their secret projects there!

These secret base photos shall be highly expected by our fans for a long time, besides those of our offices in Hong Kong and Japan! "

Korean artists are having regular meeting to discuss the upcoming projects
Yulli is focusing on her upcoming masterpiece (Wish we have a 1/6 Yulli ourselves)
K. A. Kim is happily sculpting on her upcoming project
Lee So Young is sculpting another project after finishing her masterpiece of Loki
Kim Hyun is sculpting on the Hulk head sculpt, a highly expected project of fans
Kojun is sculpting on his upcoming masterpiece

T. J. Cha (right) & Im Jung Hyuk (left) are working hard for upcoming projects