Saturday, February 18, 2012

Photo Review Very Hot Black Action PMC

Very Hot Black Action PMC features all black outfit and gears for a nondescript PMC sniper, retailing about USD80.

The fleece jacket is made of rough cotton material.

The all black cargo pants are tailored in detail, down to the working pockets. The only thing that can improve the knee pad sections from looking a bit flat may be to include cotton stuffing.

Since this set does not come with the body and head sculpt, we are using Toy City 'Jean Reno' head sculpt and BBI body.

The primary weapon and star of this set is the Cheyenne Tactical M200 Intervention bolt-action sniper rifle.


The whole assembly can be broken down to no less than 8 parts. The details are quite accurate to its real life counterpart with working sliding butt stock, which comes with a retractable 'rear third leg'. The front bi pods can be folded back when not in a sitting position.

The only drawback of this weapon is only one magazine is included.

The M200 comes with a massive suppressor but luckily a normal muzzle is included.

Secondary weapon is the typical Beretta pistol, equipped with 3 magazines, 2 of which will fit in the holster.

The sniper bag can fit the broken down M200 easily. It has multiple compartments to fit other accessories as well.


The Protec  Wave Rider style Helmet comes with NGV scope and adjustable chin straps. Extra padding is not included for this set while some velcro tapes micro velcro patches are already applied to the helmet.

Black bonnet and goggles are included as well as a pair of binoculars with working caps.


Some other accessories includes drop leg subload pouches, carabiners, grenades, smoke cans, pliers, knife, flare and plastic cuffs. Overall quality of this set is good. Since it is very nondescript, it can represent any anyone, be it CIA SAD or PMC operator. Black outfits and gears will not go out of fashion and can easily be used for other kitbash projects as well.