Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Original Kitbash - USMC CQB AA12 Shotgun Specialist

In real life USMC soldiers usually use the Benelli M4 shotgun for breaching doors in CQB situation and not much else. 

What if they are equipped with the AA12 shotguns instead. Imagine the fire power and combat capability especially when in use with the FRAG-12 High-Explosive ammunition. AA12 shotgun is popularized by movies like Predators, Expendables and its upcoming sequel.

This is how the USMC CQB AA12 Shotgun Specialist (fictitious) is born.

Kitbash consist of the following parts.

-Alien Killer Set AA12 Shotgun with 32 shell drum magazine and shotgun shells
-Very Hot USMC Sniper BDU and helmet with NVG
-Very Hot USMC Sniper Chest Rig / Vest
-Very Hot USMC Sniper Cloth Holster with Beretta Pistol
-Very Hot USMC Sniper Kneepad
-BBI Body, Head & Tan Gloves
-Toycity Pararescue Jumper shoes
-Toycity Navy SEAL Recon MLCS Utility Backpack
(Coyote Brown)
-Playhouse US Army SF Accessories + Sling
-Playhouse SEAL Goggles
-Hot Toys SWAT 3.0 Tactical Glasses
-Generic radio