Saturday, August 13, 2011

Triad Toys Ternion Wars Helga

Behind every war is an untold saga. . .

While the war rages in the Southern Greatlands, the peaceful people of the Geats have avoided much of the conflict by moving north. But now, the battle has spread throughout much of the land and it is time for the Geats to take a stance.  Volunteering for battle is a young warrior by the name of Helga Njalsson.  A quiet, but disciplined warrior, Helga will stop at nothing to save her people from the JenTek genocides. . .

Helga sports the new Triad Alpha female body along with a hand-riveted faux leather outfit and custom fur boots, this Viking is armed for battle with her fully functional leather sword belt and harness. Helga's shield, sword and helmet are sculpted and painted meticulously with the quality and care you've come to expect from Triad.

Helga 12 Inch Figure includes the following items:

- Helga Headsculpt with Rooted Saran Hair

- Features the new  Alpha Female Caucasian Skintone body with large chestplate

- Viking Sword and Scabbard

- Viking Helm

- Highly Detailed Shield

- Detailed Skirt and Top

- Sword Belt with functional sword frog

- Pair of Sword Wielding Hands

- Pair of Relaxed Posed Hands

- Fully functional leather boots with fur trim

- Magnetic feet to work with Bullet-Time stand