Saturday, August 13, 2011

Triad Toys Legends Jubei Yagyu Mitsuyoshi

Very little is known about the life of infamous swordsman Jubei Yagyu Mitsuyoshi. His father, Yagyu Munenori, fought alongside Ieyasu Tokugawa at the Battle of Sekigahara and was made the official trainer to the Shogun. His father pushed hard for Jubei to follow in his same footsteps to become a master swordsman and a royal prefect, but Jubei showed very little interest in holding a government position. During a training bout with his father, Jubei is blinded in one eye and dishonored for his lack of sword skills and his rebellious nature. Jubei spent the next twelve years wandering the countryside and learning everything he could by challenging and defeating foes to better his mastery of the sword. Jubei resurfaces at the age of 36 during a Shogun sword competition and defeats every opponent to become the new royal trainer to the Shogun. Jubei’s adventurous years spent wandering the country has led to numerous novels and stories. The feats he accomplished for honor and mastery of the sword have become. . . legendary.

Triad follows up with the success of the Legends line with samurai legend Jubei Yagyu. The Legends series is Triad’s unique take on mythical and legendary heroes. This product line is one of our longest running passion projects that we want to see produced. Every character is envisioned with the same style and quality you’ve come to love about Triad Toys. No detail is left out of this figure – his clothes are meticulously designed with multiple layers and choice fabrics; his headsculpt is wildly imaginative and hand-painted to perfection; his weapons are full metal and utilizes the ATAC system to convert into a double-ended sword!

The Legends: Jubei Yagyu 12 Inch Collectible Figure comes with:

- Headsculpt
- EVO 2.0 body with muscular chest
- One (1) pair sword grip hands
- One (1) pair relaxed hands
- One (1) pair fist hands
- One (1) pair waraji feet
- One (1) eye patch
- One (1) kimono shirt
- One (1) hakama pants
- One (1) kamishimo coat
- One (1) obi belt
- One (1) pair cloth arm sleeves
- One (1) pair cloth leg sleeves
- Two (2) samurai wakizashi swords and scabbards

Creative Team:
Headsculpt by Louie Tran
Weapons and Accessories: Ashish Parashar, Louie Tran
Clothes Design, Prototype and Direction: Louie Tran, Lan Chunglo
Prototype Paint and Direction: Louie Tran