Saturday, August 13, 2011

Triad Toys Barb Wire

The growth of sophistication of today’s highly-articulated, elaborately costumed 12” figures is one reason why now is the golden age for action figure collectors. Upstart toy company Triad Toys is winning fans and turning heads with their fabulous attention to detail, and being the sophisticated and smart company they are, have turned to Dark Horse as a source for their latest new figures.

In Steel Harbor, a bombed-out wreck of a town, thrill-junkie Barbara Kopetski - better known as "Barb Wire" - is proprietor of the Hammerhead bar and part-time bounty hunter. Barb Wire was one of the stars of Dark Horse’s company-created “universe”, and she returns, courtesy of Triad, with a vengeance!

Triad has paid attention to every detail: from her fishnets to her gloves and armbands, buckles to blonde hair, this is the ultimate collector’s item. Accessories include an arsenal’s worth of weaponry- even her handcuffs.

You can take this high-quality heroine home- just don’t call her “babe”.

Barb Wire - Deluxe 12 Inch Collectible Figure includes the following items:

- Triad Toys Alpha Female Action Figure Body
- Highly Detailed Headsculpt with Japanese Saran Hair
- Detailed Leather Choker Collar
- Leather Jacket with fully functional belts, pockets, inner-lining and frayed lace
- Leather Bodysuit
- Leather Waistbelt
- Leather Pistol Gun Holster
- Pistol with Functional Slide and Removable Ammo
- Ammo Belt with Removable Rounds
- Fishnet Stockings
- AK47 Rifle with ATAC Modular Weapons System (includes grenade launcher, scope and removable ammo)
- Full Metal handcuffs that are fully functional and can open, close and lock
- Pair of Leather Arm Sleeves
- 3 Pairs of Hands (includes pistol hands, fists, and relaxed poses)
- Leather Boots with magnets for use with Triad Bullet Time Stands (not included)

BARB WIRE (TM) and (C) 2009 Dark Horse Comics, Inc. All Rights Reserved.