Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sideshow Collectibles GI Joe Stalker

The Stalker 12 inch Figure features:

    Pro Body with over 30+ points of articulation
    Detailed portrait
    Flocked beret with Ranger flash
    Detailed fabric uniform set
    Triple Aught Design F.A.S.T Pack
    MOLLE Belt
    Riggers Belt
    Drop-leg Holster
    4 x Universal Mag Pouches
    2 x First Aid Pouches
    One point rifle sling
    M-32 Submachine Gun
    .45 caliber pistol
    3 x .45 caliber magazines
    2 x Canteen Pouches
    2 x Canteens
    2 x Smoke grenades
    3 x Frag grenades
    Robinson Arms XCR(tm) 5.56mm Short Barrel Rifle with folding stock
    2 x pairs switch-out boots, including standing and action
    Micro Red Dot Sight
    5 x Magpul(tm) P-Mag Magazines
    Kukri Combat Knife
    Knife Sheath
    XMLR-1 Laser Rifle
    Generous assortment of switch-out hands
    Shoulder and nametape patches
    Dog tags
    12-inch display base
    Sideshow Exclusive: Commando Sweater